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Dear fellow travelers in the journey of life….
We as humans are continuously evolving along with every living species in the planet during this journey of our short lives…during this journey we involve, enjoy, try to re-discover, invent new ideas, recreate living concepts, try to learn and adopt, change our course of journey etc..

Real meaning of Development, eco-friendly, recycling, renewable, zero waste, organic produce, society inclusive culture, business ethics, business/profit making, discipline, rules and regulations etc… where we individuals at different levels understand differently and sail with their own perspectives.

Tourism and the need for travel along with its experience/influence to own living concepts is not really understood and practiced well by many among us. And I strongly believe we have to put an effort in understanding the core values we gain as individual or family during holiday trips.

Let pandemic be an eye opener in that respect for understanding the real value of being outside of our own nest-called home and at same time how to practice discipline, what to look for during travel, how to be self-disciplined outside our home.

We read a lot and say yes its right or wrong and at the end we tend to blame administrators, employees or politicians – ‘the cloud of people’ where we admit can’t do much and get away with our own concepts while we don’t move to new alignments of ideas.

It’s a short message from my heart on what/how I feel, and I am very comfortable in taking up a discussion and change my perception whenever there is a need justified. You are more than welcome to contribute and sincerely awaiting ideas for overall uplift of Sunvalley as a family on our idea of Creating Innovative living concepts.

You can personally reach me on: Mob:+65-83221213 /

“Life is a journey…enjoy the drive of your life…with wonderful stopovers… called holidays….”


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