Considering the needs of travelers from different walks of life who look for Safety, hygiene & cleanliness, best hospitality & service, value for money, calm & beautiful ambiance we are guaranteeing best Ooty tour packages. You will get what you see on our web & other postings in social media by visitors- rated within top-25 hotels in India for family friendly category by Tripadvisor community 2015-2017, 3 years consecutively – First ever winner in Ooty region.

 We publish what we do & can be done. Last updated: 17-Nov-2017

  • 3N stay +B/f in Deluxe or HM room @Rs12k to 15k incl. GST [low to high periods]
  • 3N stay +B/f+ 3 dinner+ 1 lunch @Rs15k to 18k
  • 3N stay +B/f+ 2.5 day sight-seeing @Rs17k to 20k [1.5day Cnr &Ooty+ 1day pykara & mudhumala]
  • 3N stay+ B/f in Deluxe or TB Exe. rm @Rs15k toRs19k incl. GST [low to high periods]
  • 3N stay+ B/f+ 3 dinner+ 1 lunch @Rs22k to Rs27k
  • 3N stay+ B/f + 2.5 day sight-seeing @Rs21k to Rs25k [1.5day Cnr&Ooty+ 1day pykara & mudhumala]
  • 02N stay +B/f in HM or Deluxe rm @Rs8k to 11k incl. GST [low to high periods]
  • 02N stay+B/f+ 02 dinner+ 01 lunch @Rs11k to 14k
  • 02N stay +B/f+ 1.5 day sight-seeing @Rs11k to 14k [1.5 day Coonoor+Ooty]
  • 02N stay+ B/f in TB exe. or Deluxe rm @Rs11k to 14k incl. GST [low to high periods]
  • 02N stay+ B/f+ 02 dinner+ 01 lunch @Rs16.5k to 19.5k
  • 02N stay+ B/f+ 1.5 day sight-seeing @Rs14k to 17k [1.5day coonoor+Ooty]

Ooty-Coonoor Packages

Tailored Packages

  • 1N /2D stay with pickup & sightseeing transport+ food
  • Reach by flight, train or bus from Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore, Mysore, Kerala etc.
  • Single person stay for more than 07 nights for work away from office with better Wi-Fi
  • 01 Night / 02 day corporate team building with stay +BBQ +Bon-fire+  food +activity
  • Full cottage booking for family or corporate groups with total privacy-3 rooms; 5 rooms;6 rooms or 12 room blks
  • 2-4 weeks family stay or couple stay options with all meals + driver/transport+ laundry etc.
  • Coonoor or Ooty packages with adventure trips incl. trekking/ camping etc.


Services offered

  • Pick-up /drop-off from various places
  • All meal plans or b/f +dinner packages
  • Sightseeing transport / guidance
  • Trekking with guide on request
  • Ayurvedic wellness SPA
  • BBQ +Bon fire with music
  • Tea factory visit – tea estate walks
  • Honeymoon deco. &candle light dinner
  • Bike rental for couples / youngsters
  • Open top 1967 willys ride -scenic views
  • Birthday or anniversary cake /decoration
  • Meeting / conference arrangement
  • Corporate team-building /get-together

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