We are not a business family neither we started this place to make ONLY money. We dreamed about a holiday home for ourselves, as we were more familiar and frequenter to coonoor. Exploration destined us to find out Coonoor is far better than Ooty in terms of climatic conditions, filled with more greenery and less pollution / crowd or commercialised.

We shifted from the dream of having our own holiday home to No#1 homestay provider, because of Sunvalley family & guest visited so far and their constant feedbacks. Our Strength is the sunvalley family team, dedicated with sincerity and whole hearted service. Everyone treat & serve guests as their own relative/ guest at home, when they come for a relaxing holiday with family, friends or colleagues.

Every guest constantly supported and motivated us by sharing ideas about what different tourists/travellers expect while visiting Ooty or hill stations for holiday. We try to accept each and every small sugestions while striving constantly to meet those improvements.

In today’s world money can buy/hire staffs but not sincerity and service minds, but we have managed to integrate such a team, permanent and full time at our homestay in Coonoor-Ooty.

The team is ready and willing to extend their assistance, support and guidance to our guest any time from the minute we recieve a query or call. We hope you will like and love them given their attitude, energy and sincerity shown towards every need of guests from diffrent walks of life.

Finally as mentioned earlier, it is our guests who gives us the positive energy during their stay for us to grow everyday in terms of quality, service and meeting expectations of every future guests.


Dinshy photo

Some of the key points what we think makes us special or distinguishing from others overall in Nilgiris are mentioned below. You may get some in every hotel or resort or cottage in Coonoor, Ooty or Kothagiri but not all or most in one place.

  • Friendly ambiance & Staff
  • Views from every room with Balcony
  • Clean & neatness of rooms & surroundings
  • Closeness to nature / Tea gardens
  • Away from city hassle & vehicles
  • Close connectivity to town
  • Hygienic open kitchen
  • Homely taste of cooked foods
  • Quality assurance on food ingredients
  • Vaasthu of our location
  • 24 hrs Support functions – from medical to pickup
  • Smiling and happy Sunvalley family team
  • Enough staff to cater for every needs of guests
  • Clean / quality water – potable and general use
  • Lots of free space for strolling / parking
  • Different room / block combinations to suite most
  • Accommodation for various team size from 2 to 70 pax
  • Privacy never intruded
  • Health, Safety and Support on priority.