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Why Sunvalley one of best Homestay in Ooty?

If you have to spend your holiday within 4 walls and a TV in a room, window or balcony facing other dusty buildings/road, surrounded by crowds and vehicles honking all around your hotel/resort, then where's the fun, which you expected from your long awaited holiday?

When you choose Ooty for your holiday, you have got something in the back of your mind! The spectacular Blue Mountain views with lush green nature everywhere, in a pollution-free, quite & clean ambience having chill climate and many more...

Resort or Homestay in Ooty shall be tourist friendly, safe & clean, relaxing & rejuvenating, tasty & hygienic food available to suite your taste and ultimately providing you with positive energy from nature & chilling comfortable ambiance and a memorable experience at the end, which you wished to have at the beginning of your journey..right !?

When anyone plans for a vacation, few important things that come in mind are Budget, Place and Leave. Every vacationer looks for the best place to stay in Ooty that is modestly priced and has clean rooms.

While Ooty is a popularly visited hill station, Coonoor is one of the most beautiful and twin city town of Ooty. Being a popular tourist destination, Ooty is often crowded/commercialized and many decent hotels are bit expensive as well. Hence many tourists scout for budget homestays in Ooty or Coonoor. Those who like to stay away from commercial or crowd-packed towns and want to relax/enjoy their holidays prefer hotels in Coonoor or Coonoor resorts. There are various options of home stay in Coonoor area. Coonoor homestay options provide equal or better holidaying experience as resorts in Ooty or any best homestay in Ooty offers.

There is nothing limiting as season or Non-season for enjoying your holiday in Ooty or Coonoor, due to climatic changes over the past years. Therefore, vacation planning purely depends on your personal convenience for selecting the right time of the year and place based on your budget.

Sunvalley, recognized as one of the best resorts in ooty for family within short span in operation, was created keeping in mind what an Ooty tourist expects! To take away sweet memories spend in a relaxing ambience with great food & best service ever experienced...!! YES, WE GURANTEE ON THAT...!

Sunvalley is NOT the place for people, who are ONLY looking for a lodging, during their Ooty vacation and willing to compromise on View from rooms, Room/Bathroom Hygiene, Service or Quality of what they consume...just for a small difference in money they spend !

Ooty homestays are perfect place for people, who want to enjoy the real hill station ambience, during their fine holiday in Ooty. But you have to be careful in choosing the right place based on quality and expected service after going through details very well at various social sites. Even if you do not choose Sunvalley, it’s our sincere advice to go through minute details before finalizing your place of stay as many people manage Resorts or Homestays in Ooty and Coonoor, just for the sake of money mending.

We, at Sunvalley homestays in Coonoor, focus to emphasize on family building, which can be technically quoted as strengthening of relations within family or friends circle through a great get-together at our budget resort in Coonoor. Do not get confused with Ooty, Coonoor, Hotel, Resort or Homestays we used as these words were used to cover all sorts of audience to understand the location and type of property.

  • Our home stay in ooty boasts spacious and elegantly furnished large rooms, with unblocked view of lush green tea garden and misty blue-mountain from every room.
  • Sunvalley is one of the best Coonoor hotels in terms of quality, service and value for your hard-earned money.
  • Coonoor is a better place to stay than Ooty due to many reasons like: its mild climatic variations round the year unlike Ooty; less commercialized than Ooty; More clean/green everywhere and all attractions of Nilgiris are reachable within 30-60 minute drive, which anyone has to do even if staying in Ooty town.
  • Sunvalley is recognized as best homestays in Coonoor NOT just for the sake of it, but Sunvalley family strive to take care of guests as their our own home guest and created a reputation in that respect as best homestay in Ooty.
  • Sunvalley Homestay is one of the best high-class Homestay in Coonoor and Ooty and rated Best family friendly by guests. Families, Friends or colleagues gathering we encourage and support in their entertainment activities/planning.
  • At first instance, some may feel our tariff is a bit high, comparing with other Homestays or resorts in Coonoor, but we offer unmatched Quality and Service for what you pay comparing others.
  • Comparing any Hotel or Resorts in Ooty, our way of running and managing the property is unique and focused on Best Service, Cleanliness and Living in green nature ambience rather than making ONLY money. (Please refer traveler testimonials in social webs like Trip Advisor.)

Different to traditional Homestays – where old or new bungalows converted for lodging with single caretaker cum security and a part time cook with 3 to 5 interlinked rooms, we offer luxury in stay, with latest amenities, personalized service, home cooked food with varieties, high level of cleanliness and hygiene achieved through a dedicated permanent team.

We are proud to be one of the Best Homestay, Resort and Hotel within all Homestays in Ooty in the shortest time. We request you to verify photos, content, facilities and authenticity of homestays, resorts or cottages before you trust photos and details provided in their web/travel sites.

All scenic views and photographs in our web are real and taken during various occasion and season at Sunvalley. You can connect live with us anytime through our reservations/ front desk to get latest photos of rooms and surroundings and invited to go through our 360 virtual tour in our web for actual view of Rooms and Ariel views of property.

We hereby request travelers to contact us directly for best tariff for your intended dates rather than going through travel houses/agents or other web portals that stands as middle agents, to avoid commission and to avail best discounts to guests directly.

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Actual Photos of Rooms & Resort
Honeymoon Suite - Sunvalley Homestay Sunvalley Honeymoon Suite
Discover and relish the magic of relationship in top romantic Honeymoon suites
Dinning Area - Sunvalley Sunvalley Dining Area
Indulge in most innovative & appetizing gastronomic delights
Sunvalley Homestay Scenic View Sunvalley Viewed from Tea Garden
Modern dwelling that blends nature and sophistication
Sunvalley - View From Balcony Balcony View - Endlessly Green!!!
Stunning views from balcony will surely put you under a spell...
Executive Rooms for Family Executive - Ideal family Room
Spacious, stylishly decorated & comfortable Executive room for 4-member family
Sunvalley Homestay - View From Room View from every Sunvalley Room
Feel @ Nature lap by sprawling & spectacular view from every room

*None of the attached photos in web are edited or manipulated by camera tricks or photo editor tools, all are actual snaps shoot at Sunvalley during various times.

Certificate of Excellence
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Enjoy your holidays with Sunvalley Homestay in Coonoor, OOTY!!!
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