Life is a journey...... Enjoy the drive.........   But do remember to take stopovers....  called Holidays.....    Enjoy your holidays with Sunvalley Homestay in Coonoor,OOTY !   

Sunvalley Homestay in Ooty, Coonoor

Why a holiday and in a Hill station especially Nilgiris- The Queen of mountains

It is safe, clean, pollution free atmosphere with beautiful mind blowing scenery. A holiday especially at a home stay in Ooty or Coonoor with great food will help you to unwind your mind from stressful days at work. Ooty's excellent weather, silence, freshness of green valleys & mountains of Nilgiris at Coonoor or Ooty will take you to a better relaxing mind level.

There is nothing limiting as season and non-season these days for enjoying your holiday at Ooty or Coonoor due to unpredictable climatic conditions/changes, so everything depends on your personal convenience for selecting right time of the year. We will guide you with temperatures, rain and other prevailing weather conditions anytime for your travel planning on request.

And Why Sunvalley Homestay?

Sunvalley home stay in Ooty is a clean and tranquil place to stay in Ooty, little away from the chaos of the city. We try to create the best homestay in Ooty with great home cooked foods and relaxing ambience for you. Enjoy your holiday at our cottage in Coonoor, Ooty one of the best among other hotels, resorts and Ooty places to stay. We want to emphasize on family building (can be technically quoted as strengthening of relations / bondages) with your family & friends for a great get-together and enjoy it. Experience the difference you feel yourself during such a fine holiday at our budget homestay in Ooty.

Homestay in Ooty

Newly built villa in Coonoor, Ooty with spacious & elegantly furnished rooms with views of lush green tea gardens and Nilgiri (blue mountains), we offer best place to stay in Ooty. Being close to many tourist locations around Ooty, Coonoor, Kothagiri, Mudhumala, Masangudi etc. connectivity from our resort is excellent. Our budget homestay provides unblocked views of tea estates; mist filled valleys and far away mountains straight from every room. You will clearly get to enjoy pleasant eyesight from every room at the privacy of your room of our homestay resort.

Sunvalley homestay is conveniently located in pollution and noise free atmosphere, little away from the hassles of Coonoor town and much commercialized Ooty with large luxury executive rooms or honeymoon suites with clean & hygienic bathrooms. Sunvalley Homestay resort is one of the best high-class homestays in Ooty /Coonoor and is best for family, friends and colleagues gathering and for corporate team building as well. Some may feel our tariff bit more than usual homestay or resorts but at the end you can expect matching quality & service for what you pay.

You won't be able to forget the best taste of home cooked foods till your next holiday with our resort in Ooty. A very unique resort and home stay experience at Coonoor, Ooty. A new dimension in cottage & homestay resort living around Ooty & Coonoor with your family and friends is guaranteed.

Different to traditional converted old homestay houses with single caretaker cum security and a cook with 2 to 3 rooms, we offer luxury in stay, services, food, room facilities, amenities, cleanliness, bigger team get-together convenience but at the same time in a very scenic background little away from hassles of town at the edge of a beautiful green estate matching to any star hotel services/facilities.

Hotels and Resorts in Ooty

We are proud to be one of the best homestays in Ooty and Coonoor in the shortest time. This resort is not named as homestay just for the sake of it, but we all strive to provide service and take care of our guests personally as our home guest. We take this as our passion to create an affordable & luxury unforgettable holiday experience for everyone visiting Nilgiris.

You will have difficulty to distinguish where we stand between hotels, resorts, cottages and homestays in Ooty by looking at the facilities and services we offer. Create the best ambience & experience during a hill station holiday is our aim and vision with luxury in stay and tasty home cooked foods in a great ambience.

Coonoor is a better place to stay than Ooty due to many reasons like its mild climatic variations around the year. It's moderate and not extreme like Ooty in summer or winter. So it is an ideal homestay location at Coonoor and it is our privilege to serve you with a team of great permanent staffs who are whole heartedly ready to serve you anytime.

If you are unhappy with our promised services or stay with us, or if you felt cheated by the contents in the web and actual resort facilities, please share it with us, we will do our best to get it sorted out at the earliest. All the scenic views and photographs are real and taken at Sunvalley at various times/season of the year. You can watch sunrise and sunset from every room/ balcony most of the year round and you will see sunshine over the tea gardens most of the day, so we call it Sunvalley….